Digital Media and Web Publishing

This is my first post this week, so I have to make this a longer one to cover everything that’s going on right now.

First, I’d like to point out a program that I found called Picasa. It’s possible that other people already know about this, but before late last week, I didn’t. Picasa manages all of the pictures on your hard drive. It works a little bit like Google. Once you install it, it searches your hard drive for all of your pictures and then presents them to you in a nice list. Its amazing how many pictures you have on your hard drive without knowing it. I figure that this might be helpful for the markers group and for Laura in our own group.

In other news, I met with Andy Rush and Carolyn Parsons in the UMW Archives on Monday and we had an extremely productive meeting. Basically, Andy now has the copies of the videos from the archives that we planned on digitizing. It is possible to edit the files in Windows Movie Maker, but Andy was worried about file sizes and has asked us to come into the DTLT to do our edits. Mary and I are meeting with him this coming Monday to edit the videos and upload them.

We are now working on tying everything off on the James Farmer Project website. On Tuesday, I went into the blog and helped reorganize things. We didn’t have a good front page before, so I wrote an intro about James Farmer and gave a description of our project with some pictures of Farmer. Thanks Mary. Laura added a little bit to it too. We hope to put a “tasteful” mashup of Farmer’s life on the front page as well.

I also created an about us page. I didn’t really see that being a huge biography of our lives, basically just what we each did on the project. We can decide if we want to scrub it.

Nikole is adding links to our links section. I had a thought: do we want to merge our “UMW Resources” with the “Related Links” section? I think it would be less clutter.

The blog is also now on its own page. I think that Laura deleted our widgets, most of them were for us anyway. The goal is to go public with the site early next week, which will then make it possible for the world to see our work.

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