Student Creativity Day

I agree with Laura and thought that our presentation yesterday for Student Creativity Day went really well. The best part of this is sharing it with other people, and I noticed while presenting that people seemed to really enjoy the mashup on the first page.

I did a couple things yesterday before the presentation. The biggest thing was that I added times for all of the clips and summaries to the videos page. I also tweaked our search function, which gave us a Google search bar. I just thought it looked better since we couldn’t modify the appearance of our theme’s search bar.

The timeline received a few updates as well. I placed our Creative Commons license on the timeline and bibliography pages, and updated the links on those actual pages so that the Farmer Project Home link now opens in a new window and not within the frames. I also uploaded an index.html file so that it still takes you to the timeline even if you just type the file path ( and don’t add a file name (

Now there’s not much left to do. I’m thinking that in the next day or two I’m going to do something to our feedback page. I feel like our menu bar is beginning to get a little crowded, so maybe we can think about taking down our feedback page and working those comments into the site somehow. I’m going to think about this awhile and try and come up with some ideas.

2 Responses to “Student Creativity Day”

  1. lgumkow Says:

    Hey Colin…hm. I was thinking that we could put it on the home page, however that has alot of stuff on it. Maybe we could change the about us page to Credits or something like that and also move our special thanks to that page. Let me know what you think.

  2. nwellman Says:

    Hey Colin, Well, do we really need a feed back page? Our class is over. We will not be here to read the feedback. If another class, or department takes on the project, they can add a feedback page if they think it is necessary. It was nice to have the initial feedback at the beginning of our original publish date, however, I do not feel it is necessary at this time. Not all websites have feedback pages. Nikole