Finishing Touches

Pursuant (SAT, GRE, and LSAT word, by the way) to the terms of our contract, the James Farmer Group is supposed to finish our timeline this week. It is now 3 days before we present to the class on Thursday, but I think that we are almost done right now.

I worked on the design over the weekend and just tweaked it a little bit. The menu looks better than it did before, I think. I also annotated the bibliography, so on the layout end of things besides the timeline itself, it is done.

However, we still had a couple dates that we didn’t have citations for or we weren’t even sure about the dates themselves. Nikole asked me if she could help and I said that we still needed to know when Farmer went to the NAACP, when the Multicultural Center became the James Farmer Multicultural Center, and a good citation for his death. She did a great job and found the last two for us. We’re still not quite sure about the exact date that Farmer went to work for the NAACP, so I went back to Farmer’s autobiography. Lay Bare the Heart simply says that he went in early 1959, so if that is good enough for Farmer, then I think that that is good enough for us.

I made sure to add the new sources Nikole found to our bibliography. One of the things that Nikole discovered was this page at the James Farmer Scholars website that offers an extremely thorough list of the awards James Farmer received. There is quite a lot there, but if we think its worth it, we can put all of them in the timeline. Nikole suggested a new awards category, so I made one and put the four big awards at the bottom of the page into the timeline.

So then, the big issue is this: that brings our total number of events to 39, but if we want to add all of the honorary doctorates that Farmer received, the number could nearly double. I’m ok with adding them since they’re pretty short and all from the same source, but I agree with Nikole and I just don’t think that they are that important to Farmer’s life.

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