Contract Changes

Mary made a good point last night about the deadlines we had on our original contract. Originally, our group was trying to cast a very wide net for material on James Farmer’s life, but what we kept running into was copyright issues. I believe that we recognized that almost from the outset and understood that we would have to work within the context of the preexisting copyrights to do our project that way.

But then we realized that the timeframe for doing that was too long to fit into one semester. Drafting permission letters, then mailing them, then waiting for a response could take 6 weeks or more, especially if we contacted one of the major copyright holders like Getty Images or UPI. We started working with what we had access to and could get quick permission for, which mostly included stuff in the UMW Archives and the Free-Lance Star.

This morning we made some updates to our contract that reflect this that I think everyone in our group agrees with. In most cases not involving copyright (which doesn’t really apply anymore), we are actually ahead of schedule for where we wanted to be at this point in the semester. Laura has a good start with uploading pictures, Mary has done a lot with the Bullet articles, I have nearly finished the timeline, and Nikole has done a lot of work in the UMW archives. Even our website is looking a lot like how we want it to look in the final version, so our updated contract pushes us to have more from the sources that we have.

We chose to keep our next deadline, which is the finished timeline next week. I think that that won’t be a problem on my end. We may talk about it a little more then run it by Dr. McClurken.

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